Sunday Service: 10:00am

Welcome to OneLife Community Church!

We're glad you’re here!  Whether you’re exploring Christianity, looking for a church home, or searching for answers to life’s struggles, we are here to help.  Fill out a connection card by clicking the link below or drop one in the offering basket as it goes by on Sunday.  We want to connect with you, answer questions, offer prayer, and help you connect at OneLife.

New? Here’s What to Expect:

  • There is no dress code. We look and dress like you. 
  • Friendly people who remember what it felt like to be a guest. 
  • There will be good coffee.
  • If you have kids, they're going to be safe, have fun, and hear about Jesus.
  • There’s going to be a band who leads us in some songs (it might be loud). Feel free to stand and sing along.
  • We will take some time to pray. 
  • The speaker will give a 30 minute talk using the Bible that may surprise you with its relevance to your daily life.
  • The whole thing will last about 70 minutes.